Random Blog Post #5 – Writing Tips from the Masters

We can always learn from the masters, today we have tips from Strunk & White. William Strunk Jr. privately printed The Elements of Style for his students, a classic on the art of writing good prose, which E.B. White, once a student of Strunk, then tweaked for publication. Aside from this little gem, E.B. White isContinue reading “Random Blog Post #5 – Writing Tips from the Masters”

Random Blog Post #2 – Useful Tips from Authors

Best-of-the-best in tips from the world’s most famous authors. I generally enjoy reading a few tips and quotes from famous authors during my last minutes of daily homework, they give me something to think about before I start my actual writing for the day. Whether it be through some random StumbleUpon search or my go-to list of favoriteContinue reading “Random Blog Post #2 – Useful Tips from Authors”