5-Year-Old Cutie With Autism Paints Masterpieces!

I quickly fell in love with this story… I hope you also do.

child-artAutism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. It can often be misunderstood, however, 5-year-old cutie, Iris Grace from the UK, is a beautiful example of the gifts that autism may also grant. I did this little picture show on my BuzzFeed account, so check it out, and don’t forget to follow the blog where I first came across this story and learn more about autism.

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Consejos Para Escritores Latinoamericanos

Again, for bilingual friends/writers… A guest post I did.

I find a lot of inspirational advice, tips, and quotes from American writers for young aspiring writers. It’s reassuring to know that some of the greats have had our same struggles with the art of writing, that these people we look up to also sat around thinking some of the same debilitating thoughts we think. Well, here is a post I did for any Latin-American writer looking for advice or tips from one of their own. Writers are writers no matter where they come from, but sometimes it’s nice to hear advice in our native tongue, somehow I think it makes them homier.

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Los Mejores Jugadores de Fútbol en Instagram

For my bilingual friends… here’s a guest post I did.

I recently got a response for an opening at BuzzFeed Español, but before we could go any further, they wanted to see some posts done on their site, to show ’em what I can do. Well, here is my first post on BuzzFeed Español, hopefully you like it, hopefully the world likes it, and hopefully whoever might hire me likes it.

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