About Me

Nahuel Fanjul-Arguijo, a.k.a. Nahui — A 20-something who loves to write. Born in Tucumán, Argentina, raised in Montgomery County, MD, studied in Providence, RI, worked in Los Angeles, CA, and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. I like to think I’ve had an interesting life. I’ve done a lot of writing, a good amount of working, and a decent bit of traveling. Here, which is really more of a portfolio than a blog, I’m going to put all those things together for your enjoyment.

I’d like my backstory to begin with how my love for writing began in 2nd grade, while creating dozen-page-long Ninja Turtle comic books in Spanish, which I would sell on the streets, like a mini writer’s lemonade stand. Crude but with direction, these comics began my love with story telling. At 10 I was flung into a plane and sent off to a town called Damascus, Maryland, where I started reading Goosebumps and other choose-your-own-adventure books. Nothing out of the ordinary, until being cast away to a boarding high school, where I got back into my love of reading and writing on a closer-to-full-time basis. College created more opportunities for creative writing—this time for the college newspaper and for a variety of English and Screenwriting classes. A poorly planned move landed me in Los Angeles, where I wrote within a more professional (a.k.a. boring) system. So, to avoid the boredom, changes were made, and they led me to where I am now: on the streets of Brooklyn, NY, getting back into the creative flow and bringing out some new colors in my life again. Enjoy.


Reading: Anything with a pulse. Fiction, short stories, comics.
Writing: Short stories, flash fiction, screenplays, editorials, reviews, columns.
Sports: Born with fútbol in my veins. It’s a passion, a love.
Video Games: Classics, mostly Nintendo and RPGs. Think Zelda, Earthbound, Final Fantasy, and Mario.
Television/Film: You’ll notice my taste if you read some of my reviews, I’m sure of it.
Photographing: Fell in love with photography years ago, but am still trying to expand my knowledge every day.
Thinking/Studying/Learning/Teaching/Discussing/Listening: Anything to do with furthering myself as a person.

2 Comments on “About Me

  1. Hi Nahuel! Thank you for following my blog and I’m more than glad to return the favor. Voy a estar mirando adelante a oír más de usted (I hope I’ve got the Castellano part right – I’m still learning it).
    Happy blogging :)


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