Women’s March, NYC, 2018

When the patriarchy needs to be brought down many pegs, you make an album.

Here it is. For the women who need to be heard and need to be given the change they deserve in a system that is keeping them down. If I don’t have the power to make change directly, then I have the power to show what changes need to happen, to shove images of true power and movements so that the few in real power decide to make this world an equal place for all.

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New York City, and its passionate people, creates opportunities for special , moving, photographic moments. So, here is a collection of just a few of those moments captured, which I hope expose but-a-glimpse of what makes this city—and its people—so darn special.

Shot on a Fujifilm X100T.

— Nahuel F.A.

Published by Nahuel F.A.

"And I've written pages upon pages Trying to rid you from my bones."

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