Christmas in the Country

A Three Part Story, Accompanied by Three Photos

They put in the effort, but it does sometime seem strained, like they forgot they were supposed to be trying, so, of course, I don’t feel at home out here. It’s like our dinners in the country are something of a different world compared to those in the city. I do feel like I standout when I’m here. Like a familiar guest.

Part 1: The Tree

They labor together these grandiose dinner table settings, with blooming flowers and mini individualized salt bowls, but in the city all it takes is Chinese take-out and throw-away plates. The decadence is definitely not my style, the plastic silverware is. When we’re all around the overindulgence of Chinese food, it feels better.

Part 2: The Food

So when we saw the snow on Christmas morning, we gathered in front of the windows in awe and in love. I stood near the stairwell on the second floor, my aunt in her office with the dog, the other guests on the third floor in one of the kids’ room, my uncle in the kitchen, and the last guest in some other room. You get the point.

Part 3: The Snow

— Nahuel F.A.

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