The Magical Places

Pray for Those

At different stages in our lives magical places appear that we need more than ever before. Your mother’s lap as a small child, your first bedroom filled with imagination, a friend’s basement during troubling teen years, a corner of your college campus to hide away, a new city as you get close to being an adult, or a getaway place once adult life becomes something you need rest from. Through life’s years, the magical places shift and mold into something new and fresh, into whatever makes you feel safe, into whatever gives your mind, body, and soul what it needs most.

Puerto Rico has been my place the last few years. It has been my getaway, it has been my writer’s retreat, it has been the safe space I love next to someone I love.

Like many other places—of which are other people’s magical place—Puerto Rico was thrashed by this terrible storm. The storm wrecked many islands, many homes, and is aiming for more. The storm, followed by a second, is hurting land and people that I care about. An earthquake shook a city that holds people I worry about. Tropical Storm Harvey battered the Texan lands and the people are still struggling to clean up. I don’t have the means to help these magical places with money or supplies, but I have my heart and my prayers that go out to them.

Compassion, love, and general care for others should not be partisan ideals. It doesn’t matter which side you lean towards, it shouldn’t matter who you support, and it most certainly should not matter where the hurt people are from or what their history is. We humans are magical beings, we are—for as much as we know—alone in this universe, alone in this journey. So let’s stop hating, love everyone and anyone’s magical place, and support those in need.

All photos were taken in magical Puerto Rico,
using a Contax TVS III film camera and
Lomography’s LomoChrome Purple film.

With much love,
Nahuel F.A.

Published by Nahuel F.A.

"And I've written pages upon pages Trying to rid you from my bones."

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