My World Purple and Pink, Pt. 1

Exploring NY with LomoChrome Purple

Colors can soothe or excite, can be subtle or pop, can hide or define. On the other hand, the altering of colors can help you see a new world, even if you’ve already been staring right at it for years. Even when you think you know your surroundings, change a green to a purple and all of the sudden you’re in the unknown, in the surreal, starting an adventure.

The absence of colors can make you wish for more beauty and life, while the abundance of colors can make you want to shield your eyes and find refuge. While shooting my 35mm cameras in New York City I started searching for how I could change the city, how I could find an exciting way to tell a story through my images, how I could take a city that has been photographed over-and-over again and make it seem like a new place—like my place. I’m not a fan of excessively Photoshopping photos to alter the image, so when I saw Lomography’s LomoChrome Purple, I thought it might be an exciting ways to show how I see my world.

Along with their cameras, lenses, and other products, Lomography has worked different films, creating new and fun ways to explore with photography and with colors—with what an image can be. The color-altering LomoChrome Purple is my favorite products of theirs. The specialty 35mm film changes the color-spectrum by swapping greens with purples, yellows with pinks, and blue to green with out having to post-process. It leaves reds and browns almost untouched, which is actually a good thing since it leaves skin tones almost unchanged, leaving a normal looking human in the strange surroundings.

LomoChrome Purple went away for a short time and has recently been re-released with what Lomography is saying is a new formula, which creates better colors and less grain. The photos in this post are from the original LomoChrome Purple—all shot on a Contax TVS III—but I quickly picked up more rolls during the re-release, because my experience on the first run was so attractive that I couldn’t pass it up. I took the new rolls on my recent trip to Puerto Rico, the photos are currently being processed, but rest assured, that as soon as I see them, so will you.

Go shoot more film, shoot some LomoChrome Purple 35mm, and enjoy the journey and the product.

— Nahuel F.A.


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