Love and Light

with Alex Dvorak

For over two years I’ve had the privilege of watching Alex Dvorak work her ass off, make goals and surpass them, hit road bumps and keep pushing. Most importantly, I’ve had the benefit of watching Alex enjoy the struggle while making something of herself. She makes me proud, and she deserves to be recognized not only when she hits new milestones in her career, but also in her life.

Alex has kept this part of her life quite private, but she now began to open up as a cancer survivor, and share her experience to the world. She is giving her time to work with organizations and to spread love and light.

Posted by Alex Dvorak on 2/22/17
[VIDEO by @tutes]

itsalexdvorak — “I’m sooo grateful for another year of health and happiness. I decided to trust my close friend @tutes with showing a part of me that I usually keep private. I’m a cancer survivor. It’s taken a lot of work, but I’ve turned something that used to weigh me down into my greatest strength and motivation. I’m getting involved now in helping teenagers with cancer feel less alone in their struggle and proud of their scars. I’m humbled and grateful for each extra day I get to enjoy. Love and light, only. #SURVIVOR #th3fight”

Recently, Alex hit another new milestone in her life worth sharing, and it’s not walking at some of the biggest fashion shows in the world or modeling for the best companies available (although that has happened this year). With her remission anniversary hitting seven years, she is making the time to change the lives of those who need the lift in spirit. Together with her growing career and brand, she is growing in character and spirit. She is sharing with the world the love and light that is needed, and you should share in this experience with her.

You can follow her @itsalexdvorak (and you should).

Posted by Alex Dvorak on 4/1/17
[PHOTO by @tutes]

itsalexdvorak — “Today marks 7 years of being happy, healthy and cancer free. Grateful doesn’t even cover how I feel—I’m overwhelmed and humbled with joy. I’ve been given a second chance at life and I will keep doing my best to fully enjoy and soak in every extra minute I’m given. #survivor#7yearsinremission#cancerfree Photo by @tutes

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