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priime-small-screenshotI still can’t claim any talents with my photography, but one thing I could say is that I know how to tell a story. Well, here is another way to tell my stories through my photos.

If you follow my Instagram, you can see my photos in series of three—where I try to convey an emotion, a setting, an event with three look-points. Now, through Priime, I have a way of sharing collections, which gives me a way of sharing a whole shoot or event in a bigger way.

And to add reasoning, since my recent purchase of a new FujiFilm X100T, I needed a way to share my digital photography—this way I keep my Insta solely focused on my 35mm film photography. I love the way Priime allows me to share my higher-quiality work in a beautiful, pleasing lay-out, that actually satisfies my overly critical design needs.


Priime has been growing their world of photographers, staying dedicated to building the best tools and community for this art. And what caught my eye about Priime (instead of similar apps, like Prisma, VSCO, etc.) is their view on how photography is changing the way people communicate. Which is 100% true. Yes, they also include some great photo editing elements and user-inspired filters, but the small like-minded community there is what really kept me around.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that this community is still fairly small. With photographers spilling out of the woodworks, it’s definitely an advantage for someone like myself—who has only recently found his love for this art—to share and connect with a smaller crowd. When I’m still learning, still growing, and still asking for help constantly, having this more intimate community helps to keep from falling wayside and being overshadowed by the professionals.

priime-old-san-juan-screenshotSince I’ve been shooting a lot more lately, I’m overjoyed to have found a better way to express and share, to document and review, and more.

So, if you care to keep following my journey of learning the craft and care to hear my constant storytelling through my photographs, please-oh-please do so through my Priime collections:


– Nahuel F.A.

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