One Camera’s Journey Around The World


tfc-n_fanji-pr-28LA based photographer Christine Bartolucci asked some questions to our iPhone obsessed generation: Do you remember film? Do you remember dropping your film at a lab and waiting for the images to be developed? Do you remember a time without instant gratification?

Yes, might seem like millennial, hipster speak, but it’s actually a lot more than that. It’s seeking a process. It’s seeking a split-second to stop and think about the art behind a shutter click, and it’s actually asking for photo-takers to wait for the right moment and capturing what you see through your lens. With these questions and this progression of realizations, Christine grabbed an Olympus 150 35mm film camera, and sent it away on vacation with a bunch of strangers to see what they could capture as they travel the world with this “new” technology in their hands, and with the hope of capturing their moments and memories in one shot, one moment.

Since I began my journey of honing my skills as a photographer—with 35mm film photography—about two years ago, it only made sense that I would reach out to Christine and beg her to let me take part in this project. Here are my favorite shots for my vacation to Puerto Rico and my turn with The Traveling Film Camera:

tfc-n_fanji-pr-23 tfc-n_fanji-pr-25 tfc-n_fanji-pr-30 tfc-n_fanji-pr-31 tfc-n_fanji-pr-32

The Traveling Film Camera project is not only showcasing some great shots from exotic locations around the world—so far the camera has been to South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Greece, Israel, and Puerto Rico—but it is also promoting the great art of film photography. The Olympus is a capable little camera, with great automatic features, allowing the capturer to focus on the composition of the shot itself before getting bogged down on the specifics of ISO, shutter-speed, and lighting. The end result is a great documentation of location based photography through the eyes of some very interesting people (or at least they seem interesting, from what I can tell through their journeys).

traveling-film-camera-logoCheck out The Traveling Film Camera project below:

Christine Bartolucci: @christinebartolucci on Instagram
Traveling Film Camera: @travelingfilmcamera on Instagram,



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