R Culture Magazine #3

R Culture: Mixtape Orange — Oh, Culture…

R Culture is a culture and art web-magazine, aimed to show-off the amazingly creative people we are lucky to meet. We also hope to provide a platform for students to take part in their culture, art, and social movements.

MIXTAPE ORANGE features the keys to life through a personal Egyptian trip by magazine President Anthony Gaskins, a conversation with future fashion icon Jeremy Quezada, some photographs from election night, and more.

Like I had mentioned on Mixtape Blue, the content keeps growing, and we don’t plan on slowing down. We are spending more time finding relatable content and movements to back. Not to mention we are spending more time getting the design and the right look for each creator we feature. We hope you enjoy this third installment of R Culture Magazine. The upcoming year should be bringing an even bigger jump in caliber, so stay put, you won’t regret it.

Please give it a read, and share if you love it, because the R Culture brain trust would be beyond excited if this became something more than just a labor of love. Also, we always welcome any and all feedback. We are growing with each and every comment we get, we really appreciate hearing what you truly think.

If anyone wants to share their craft/art/project, don’t hesitate to reach out at RCultureMagazine@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading. Seriously, thanks so much for reading.

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