The Last Straw for Williamsburg (pt. 1)

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Now I hear a lot of complaints about this Apple Store, connected to the gentrification of Williamsburg. One’s that I can understand from both sides of the argument. The move from a one working-class, mostly Puerto Rican neighborhood, to what it is today (a consumer based walk-around for middle/upper shopping and dining), has me thinking a lot. Apple moving in is the final straw, almost, for the fact that it is the last staple in the commercializing of the area, after Starbucks and Whole Foods had already made their mark. It’s unfortunate to think that this is the natural trend, after Manhattan is limiting itself with space and rent costs, but it makes sense when you are the closest stop on a Brooklyn train to the most amazing city in the world. Who loses out in these situations? History & culture?

– Nahuel F.A.

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