R Culture Magazine #2

R Culture: Mixtape Blue — Be Culture.

R Culture is a quarterly culture and art web-magazine, aimed to show-off the amazingly creative people we are lucky to meet. We also hope to provide a platform for students to take part in their culture, art, and social movements.

MIXTAPE BLUE features A Cultural Identity Look from R Culture co-creator Nahuel F.A., some student photography, write-ups from our very first intern, the start of our Food Corner spot, and much more.

It started with Anthony Gaskins’ website, PCP Media, where he curates art, writing, and more, and from there he brought the idea to me to turn it into a magazine. I love the concept, so we ran with it. We’re onto Mixtape Blue, our second issue. The content keeps growing, the design is getting better, and hopefully our reach will grow along with the magazine.

Please give it a read, and share it if you love it, because we’d be ecstatic if it became something more than just a labor of love. Also, please give us any feedback, we’d appreciate hearing what you truly think.

If anyone wants to share their art, don’t hesitate to reach out at RCultureMag@gmail.com, and we’ll be starting to feature content on Instagram at @RCulture_Mag.

Thanks for reading. Seriously, thanks so much for reading.

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