My Favorite Things: Tattoo Instagrams

Here are my favorite tattoo specific Instagram accounts.

I’m a big fan of tattoos. I follow about 20 tattoo Instas. Some of these share their outstanding tattoos, some are flat-out amazing artists with their own style, and then some share an array of artists and styles to show me new things. I have a few tattoos myself, and I plan on getting a few more (shh, don’t tell my family), so seeing these in my Instagram feed open my eyes to new art daily.

Favorite Artists

Dave Tevenal – Great style and great art. His sketches are true art, and his tattoo skills are top-notch. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a huge Marvel fan.

Dave Tevenal Insta

Renko Dees – Tattoo apprentice from Netherlands. Does great animal tattoos, very detailed, and amazing coloring. I especially like this rhino head he did, and this one.

Cally Jo Art – Based in New York City’s Grit ‘n Glory, her tattoos are spot on and her drawing are beyond amazing. I wouldn’t mind getting tattooed by a beautiful artist, so hey, now that I’m in New York, I’ll have to pay her a visit.

Cally Jo Art Insta

Pietro Sedda – Working out of his own shop, The Saint Mariner, in Milan. Pietro has some of the most surreal art and tattoos I’ve ever seen. He does amazing juxtaposition of textures and faces, it’s a style I truly enjoy whenever his tattoos pop up on my feed.

Pietro Sedda Insta

Rodrigo Kalaka – Tattooing in Spain, Rodrigo has exceptional technique and a perfected style. This dying wolf is one of my favorites he has done.

Gakkin – Truly a style of his own. This freehand tattoo artists out of Tokyo, Japan, has some of the most interesting all-black tattoos I’ve ever seen. He’s very detailed and it’s truly amazing what he can do freehand.

Gakkin Insta

Sasha Masiuk – I truly admire her small details and small line work. Tattooing out of St. Petersburg, Russia, Sasha does great work in all black and some amazing dot work. This one in particular caught my attention. This bear’s head is also one of my favorites. So simple, yet so perfect.

Sasha Unisex – Great geometric style, beautiful watercolors, and a cute puppy. I could stare at this stuff all day long. All the way in Moscow, I wish she was closer so I could get one of her colorful pieces on my skin. This is cool.

Sasha Unisex Insta

Brian Povak – The frosty colors, the clean style, the impeccable skill. This guy, working at Schwarze Hand Tattoo, is fighting for the top spot on this list, I just love every one of his sketches and tattoos. I am really close to ordering one of his books of sketches, I love ’em.

Brian Povak Insta

Cats Tattoo – More dot work and black work. I’m not sure who this is or where they are, but there are some simplistic creations, clean mandala, and interesting tattoos here. Check it.

Awesome Tattoos

John Barrett – Great style and coloring. Some of tattoos are so impressive, I fell in love with this skull and this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Bomb work out of Searchlight Tattoo, in Centerville, GA.

Little Linda – Not only is she a stunning tattoo model, but she also has a cute doggy and tattoos these adorable little flowers. I don’t know what it is about her style, but I really enjoy it.

Little Linda Insta

Luka Degenerate – Tattooing out of Berlin, his clean tattoos always catch my attention. Great neotraditional style, with hits like this, this, and this.

Al Garcia – More solid tattooing, this time out of Cleveland, Ohio. I love the coloring of this goat, and I absolutely love this 2001 Space Odyssey tattoo.

Paul Davies – Another Marvel fan it seems, this guy even works at a place called Loki Ink, in Plymouth, UK! His dot work quickly caught my eye, and some of this designs are really amazing. I would love to be able to get one of his superhero themed dot works tattooed on me.

Paul Davies Insta

Collection of Artists

Inked Magazine – First tattoo Instagram I started to follow, and everything else stemmed from here. Why not start at the root and grow from there, am I right? I mean, they have too much promotional shit posts, but those can easily be ignored, and they posts a lot of great ink.

Neo Traditional Tattoos – Probably my favorite tattoo trend right now. I really enjoy the style, the colors, and the overall designs. Found a lot of great artists on this account.

Cool Tattoos – Well, it’s exactly what the name says, cool tattoos.

Stencil Stuff – I never used the stuff, but hey, they post interesting tattoos with great color and pop.

My Last Tattoo

Carlos Wake Carrera – I have to give a shout out to my last tattoo artists. Done at Well Done Tattoos in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Down to earth, great old-school style, and the cleanest place I’ve been to in Buenos Aires. Worth checking out if you’re in the area and looking for a new tattoo.

Carlos Wake Insta

Happy tattooing.

– Nahuel F.A.

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