Craft Exercise #1

Pick ten people you know and write a one-sentence description for each of them. Focus on what makes each person unique and noteworthy.

N.D. – His limbs and his length resemble an age-battered tie, wrinkled and slouched on a plastic hanger, draping his arms around you as he hugs a hello; ironically, an accessory he probably never once wore in his life.

N.F. – With his broad shoulders stretching shirts thin, thunderous thighs and calves to match, it’s surprising once he opens up with such a small and skinny smile, on such a childlike, emerging face.

K.F. – The conviction in his walk and the confidence in his stance makes believers of anyone who oversees the delicacy of his frame, of his oxford-clad structure.

L.T. – A barrel chest, some stones for hands, and a grizzly shadow, if it wasn’t for the inexperience behind his eyes, you would quickly forget he is just a young 20-something who has made his life mistakes.

M.F. – From the half-moon eyes, to the earthed skin; she is a modern-day gem covered in a flow of patterned skirts and band t-shirts, a gypsy at heart stuck in today’s rock-n-roll style.

F.A. – A mane of curls to cover the world whole, hiding her overworked hands, wrinkled eyes, and tired soul, with dyes of brown and peeking grays.

D.N. – A sly fox peeks from his smile, his eyes burn red, matching the thin strands left underneath his weather-worn New York cap.

D.Z. – Staring seductively in the mirror, ignoring the dark eyes, skin, and hair, he falls more in love every day, seeing nothing but allure in what most would see a common thief from the barrio.

J.C. – The quintessential presidential haircut upon a towering 6’4” frame, model for handshakes and podiums; come the weekend he trades the stone-faced speeches for a stoned-face grin, covered in beer spit-up and loose embraces.

F.A. – At just fourteen, her body would make any dejected 20-year-old jealous, inviting constant offenses from the dogs around town, not unlike the mongrel who left the beauty bite on her golden cheek.

– Nahuel F.A.

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