Marvel Now! Teen Heroes Pack – Quick Reviews

A new age in Marvel heroes takes over, will they last?IMG_0644

Earlier this year, Marvel release a cool little pack including teenage heroes from the Marvel Now! series. Including their first run at a Muslim superhero, a new team of heroes fighting for the right to be the world’s defenders, an old hero with a new origin, and a classic tale of the past meeting the present. I gotta say, these were fun. Check out the quick reviews below. Enjoy!

Ms Marvel (2014) #1 – MAYBE

IMG_0648Classic tale: the unpopular, unattractive, un-superhero teen gets their wish of becoming a super important, super awesome, superhero. Yup. Little Kamala is fed up with following her family’s Pakistani customs and constantly being teased, she is tired of missing out on the cool kid’s parties, and while a suspicious cloud blankets Jersey City she wishes upon a fog and is suddenly given extraordinary gifts. The writer, G. Willow Wilson, is herself a Muslim from New Jersey, so this is like a cool way for her to make herself a comic book hero. I’m intrigued by this story, and the art is exactly what I enjoy, I might not pick it up right away, but it’ll stay on my pull list for the future.

New Warriors (2014) #1 – NO

Well, there’s a lot going on here… actually, too much going on. We have a bunch of heroes scattered around, some we know, some we’re just now meeting, and they want to be like the Avengers. The problem is that I was barely just told that, and never really shown the group’s potential. There is no team set, no plan in motion, just a bunch of isolated accidents that I can only assume lead to the creation of the New Warriors. This first issue doesn’t really tell me much more than how some Evolutionaties wreaking havoc, and a couple of teens can stand up for themselves. I probably won’t keep reading, not very interested in these heroes (all shown below), except for Vance Astrovik. 

IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0663

IMG_0656 IMG_0655 IMG_0657

Nova #1 (2013) – YES

IMG_0674Sam Alexander has heard plenty of Nova Corp stories from his dad, too bad father Nova is a janitor and drunk all the time, it doesn’t give Sam much chance of believing a single word about the adventures. Well, suddenly father Nova disappears, and Sam Alexander is greeted by the most unlikely of heroes. The fact that Jeph Loeb is writing this is enough reason for me to continue reading, the fact that the story is set up for greatness is definitely a plus. I can’t wait to find out more about Sam Alexander’s origins, and how he takes on the role of Nova as a teenager with that notable attitude of his.

  IMG_0668 IMG_0669

All-New X-Men #1 (2012) – DEFINITELY YES

IMG_0676I love this type of story. Cyclopes has gone radical and teamed up with Magneto, it seems the only way to set things right is to show him where he has come from, show him what he used to believe in. Best way to do that, you ask? Take the original X-Men from the past and place them in the future, so Cyclopes can take on Cyclopes. Perfect! Now it’s time to see how the new X-Men take on the old, how the old X-Men deal with the modern era, and everything else that could happen in between. I’ll definitely continue reading this, along with the other four volumes already out in the All-New X-Men series.

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