NaNoWriMo: My Short Story “Three Years” Part II

National Novel Writing Month starts this weekend. Here’s a taste of what I will be writing.

Here is Part II from the first story I ever wrote, from Senior year in high school, which will be the basis for the novel. It’s a very personal story, and really not that great since it was my first, but here it is, in all its glory and high school angst, un-edited for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think. (Click HERE to read Part I)

It was a year into my career at Prep, and I have learned how to get around things, how to get around the rules. So it’s another break in, but this time it was into the theater, not to go fill my stomach with cookies and milk, but to fill my head with the secure words Josh fed me time and time again. We easily walk into Haas; that wasn’t a problem, the door is always open. We walk into the theater and he shows me the stairs behind the stage to go up onto the catwalk. We climb of course, even with the small amount of liquor I had in me, this was still a bad idea, but I didn’t care. We were sitting on the springy metal catwalk, and there were other people there, jumping around, being idiots, but Josh and I just sat there and talked: talked about my Kelly, his Sydney, and about our problems. Seeing how bout our relationships were so similar I never understood why mine ended and his is still living. Right then, sitting together, just talking, about my problems, his problems, music, random shit, this was all too similar to the thousands of times that we have done it before. Then I realized he was a friend, a great friend, a close friend to talk to and have forever. He was always there, on the catwalk, in my room, and the many times in his room. He took my pathetic advice on his problem with Sydney, I took his advice on Kelly, oh Kelly… oh Alex…

Alex! I had completely forgotten her; I was too busy thinking that I lost Alex in the hundreds of people that had showed up at this little “get-together.” So I lost her, she is probably with some else, having fun. So I head upstairs, to get away from all the commotion mostly, but to also look for something, even though I don’t know what that something is. So I see a chair, grab it, and take it out to this peaceful unused balcony on the second floor. I open my new beer, pour it into the red plastic cup, and sit. I close my eyes, thinking, listening…

“Will I find a friend, will I find a lover?

No one knows, no one asks, and no one cares.

I’ve got a new plan now, maybe I can save some pain,

I’m hopeful, with a handful of loneliness” (5)

I open my eyes; I’m back on that balcony, the second floor balcony on the main building at Prep. Lower, Bray and I are sitting talking at one in the morning. Telling stories of the ghost at Prep. We sat there for hours, talking about the many stories we had heard, the exorcism, the hanging, all of it, and we hear a loud girlish scream. We jump through the window and run past every room till we get to Bray’s. All three of us were panting, trying to catch our breaths as we start to laugh. We were seventeen years old and scared of a little story. Se we sat there, laughing hysterically for awhile at what happened, until we decided to man up, and go get some food from the Pit. Damn, there it is again, a soon as we step foot on the stairs we hear the scream again, not any scream, not a kids scream, but a piercing, unworldly scream.

And even the memory of the scream scares me enough to wake me, but right then, that fearful scream reminds me of another…

“Where are we?

What the hell is going on?

The dust has only just began to fall

crop circles in the carpet

sinking, feeling

spin me round again

and rub my eyes,

this can’t be happening” (6)

The other scream… as I sat in my room, watching T.V. and listening as my Dad screamed and cried in the bathtub… I don’t know what to do… I stoop up; maybe I could do something… 

“Mmmm what do you say,

Mmmm that you only meant well? Well of course you did

Mmmm what do you say,

Mmmm that’s all for the best? Ah of course it is

Mmmm what do you say?

Mmmm that it’s just what we need, you decided this?

Mmmm what do you say?

Mmmm what did she say?” (6)

I heard a knock on the window behind me, as I turned I hoped it was Alex. It was, and she has saved me from the mental break down the memories would have brought. So we sat there drinking and talking for what seemed like hours, but only adds up to about thirty maybe forty minutes. Then it came, the kiss I have been waiting for all night, and it was wonderful, so smooth, and needed, but then I start to zone out…

Sean popped into my head like he usually does. We would spend so much time trying to find things to do and when we finally did we would usually get in trouble for it. All these shenanigans began to add up and after three years of non-stop troublesome fun I had to see Sean leave, but not before one last night of misbehavior. Sean, Petersen, and I went out during Study Hall the night before Sean had to go back home to Pittsburg and of course we brought a backpack filled with beer cans with us. We headed out towards the parking lot and hopped the fence out to the path behind Prep. As we walked for about ten minutes down this path we began to drink a couple beers and reminisce. By the time we had reached a bench to sit on we had downed at least ten beers out of the thirty-pack we had bought. We needed to sit, but of course before we did we had to name the bench like we usually did. Stanley was the name the bench acquired, and we will never forget it. So the night before we had to say goodbye we spent hours drinking a thirty between the three of us and remembering the many great times we had together and the many times we had gotten in trouble together. I couldn’t believe it; I had to say goodbye to him, he was leaving me for the remainder of the year. He was my brother, my best friend, we promised we would see each other every other weekend, but of course that never happened…

“Thinking of winter

Your name is the splinter inside me

While I wait

And I remember the sound

Of your November downtown

And I remember the truth

A warm December with you” (7)

Our lips parted finally, and I slurred “I lost him…”

Then the worst memory came into my head… I said “I lost him” thinking about Sean, but my Dad came into my mind… I lost him in that bathroom… He had killed himself… If I had gotten up to do something when I heard his cries I might have been able to stop it… but I didn’t… and it happened… 

I had lost him that day and after that is when I was sent to this school I now call home. This was my home, the place where I grew up, where I bonded with people, where I made new brothers and created my future.

When I first walked onto Prep’s campus I did not know if it was the right place for me, but now I know. At this party, days away from graduating, I realized that this place is my house, my home. The people here helped me grow and walk away with a bright future in front. I walk away with my head held high. 

Then I snap out of it, at last the memories are over, they happened. So I grab her hand and walk down the stairs and out the door with her. I throw my beer in the yard and we walk away from the party.

“My life

I might as well live it

Along with the bad times

Just happy to be living

So it’s my time, I know it sounds selfish

I’m really not like that

We live and we die for this” (8)


I hope you enjoy the story, I rarely share this one because it hits too close to home. But, since I’ll be writing about it all month, I might as well put it out there. Let me know what you think, and go check out National Novel Writing Month, it’s given me the push to finally put time into a novel, it might do the same for you.

– Nahuel F.A.

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