Random Blog Post #4 – Frequently Visited Websites

What five websites do you visit often, and why?

You check your email, put on a great album, then open up your web browser. You check your Facebook feed, type “happy bday” to some forgotten friends, see what is happening on Twitter, and after all the notifications are gone, you have the world at your fingertips… where do you go next in the infinite vastness that is the internet? Well, I asked myself just that today: What five websites do I visit often, and why?

stumbleupon-logo1. StumbleUpon – Mostly used for daily homework, rarely used to waste time. Every day I like to learn new things, so I use the internet to find these new things to learn. Instead of sifting through endless suggestions of websites or google searches, I just let StumbleUpon do my random web browsing for me. With a list of 64 interests to stumble upon, anything from animals to books, cult films to philosophy, I generally find pretty interesting websites pretty quickly.

huff-post2. The Atlantic/Huffington Post – These two sites are where I get my daily news and worthy reading. I prefer The Atlantic over HuffPost, but that’s mostly because I see HuffPost is often too fluffy and click-baiting with whatever buzzword is popular on social media that day. But that’s besides the point, I still read 3-5 articles from these two sites a day.

Here are some of the latest articles I’ve read on The Atlantic or Huffington Post:

Logo-square-300px.full3. Short of the Week – Whenever I have a couple of minutes to spare, I head on over to Short of the Week and check out what the filmmakers of the world are creating. Some great short films are posted here weekly, some award winners and some unknowns, either way, most are enjoyable with a couple of duds here-or-there.

Here are some of my favorites from Short of the Week that I’ve watched in the past months:

logo-with-white-space-305x285-285x3004. The Write Life – Any writing tips, advice, help, or whatever, I get from The Write Life. Tons of great posts on how to better your time, planning your next novel, or even on dealing with publishers and managers. Basically tons of wise words for aspiring authors like myself. I highly suggest you sign up for their newsletter, every email I get from The Write Life includes a post I most definitely want to read.

Check out some of the latest posts I’ve read on The Write Life:

newsarama-logo5. Newsarama –  My one-stop-shop for everything comic books, including new comics, film and tv news, games, great lists, etc. Basically it’s exactly what you would expect from an all-encompassing site about comic books and the comic book world.

Enjoy some of the latest from Newsarama:

Honorable Mentions: these are two other sites I visit frequently, but they are not as productive or newsworthy as the rest on the list… I mean, come on, what kind of millennial doesn’t live on daily video games and Netflix?

Game Oldies – Without my trusty Super Nintendo here in Argentina to entertain me, I had to search for a new form of filling my video game needs. So far, this year I’ve replayed some of my favorite games like Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario RPG, Gradius III, and Metroid: Zero Mission. And I’ll soon be getting inNetflix-App-Logoto some other classic games like Chrono TriggerMother 3,  and Secret of Mana. I can’t wait.

Netflix – Do I really need to explain this one? I watch movies and tv shows, I mean, like any other normal human being, am I right?

Let me know what sites you frequently visit and why, I always appreciate some new suggestions for my daily web browsing.

– Nahuel F.A.

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