The Dead vs The Dying

Comparing Marvel Death Stories: Marvel Zombies vs Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Deadpool Kills 8In the last week, I delved into two different Marvel comics dealing with total death throughout the Marvel universe. Cheery subject, right? One story seeks it while the other is consumed by it. I don’t know why, but I think I can compare these two completely different stories just because deadness is the central concern in both, a.k.a. here are two quick reviews of these dead-filled Marvel comics. Enjoy.

Marvel Zombies 1THE DEAD = Marvel Zombies (4/5 stars)

I definitely want to read more of this story line. Marvel Zombies gives a smart and entertaining look into what would happen if this popular plague would hit the superheroes. Not to mention the amazing job The Walking Dead cast did, which makes the experience so much better.

The story is definitely engaging and at points even surprising, and it did something I never thought possible; it made me want to see heroes die, it made me want to see this Marvel Universe be torn to pieces, literally. With an all-inclusive death story like Marvel Zombies, sometimes you get the urge to see someone survive, someone make it, but not here.

Marvel Zombies 2Like I mentioned, this story is more engaging, and smart, it puts the Marvel heroes in the worst-case-scenario and not just to see them all as zombies, you also see how they try to prevail. Sure, before the story even starts the heroes have already torn apart every human on Earth, but it’s appreciable to see the heroes at least try to fight off a zombie plague, they are terrible at fighting off the hunger, but still they try to figure out a cure, they try to be victorious, like the heroes they are made to be, but this is too much for them. And SPOILER, I love that Magneto is basically the best survivor. Even if he doesn’t survive himself, his space-base and his followers are the last ones left, which is a testament to how Magneto lead them.

Deadpool Kills 1THE DYING = Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe (2/5 stars)

I frankly don’t care much to even talk about this one with anyone. I was disappointed and let down. This Deadpool story is overworked and brainless… pun intended? I really can’t find a story here, just a connect-the-dots of assassinations that really don’t connect. Unlike Marvel ZombiesDeadpool Kills is so lackluster that he makes you wish someone, anyone, from the Marvel Universe can stop his killing spree. I guess I just wanted to see these heroes put up a fight… they die so easily. The killings could at least be entertaining if you’re making a comic about senseless killing. I mean, come on, killing Bruce Banner is easy, I want to see Deadpool kill the Hulk!

Deadpool Kills 6This story seems to me like an inside joke between Deadpool writers that should have just stayed an inside joke. It’s just not that good of a joke, it’s not the funny, outrageous Deadpool we all want. And yes, he makes reference to not being funny on purpose, to “keeping it simple,” but that’s an idea that should have been kept from actually being executed. We all know Deadpool is capable of killing easily, but that simple killing doesn’t make for an entertaining comic.

Another SPOILER, because I do want to say that I did enjoy Taskmaster’s role in this one. He is hired to put an end to all the killing, and is one of the few heroes who actually gets a couple of shots in. A nice touch that Taskmaster is the last to battle Deadpool before he finishes off the universe.

Marvel Zombies 3THE DEAD VS. THE DYING

Well, both the comics are about death, in different ways, but ultimately, everyone is some kind of dead. But really that’s one of the few thing keeping these comics comparable. One other theme both possess I really enjoy is the thought that higher beings can’t control these massacres that are running through the universe. Galactus in Marvel Zombies is brutally eaten alive, and The Watcher in Deadpool Kills is beheaded, and then the writers of the comic themselves are killed off. This downfall of the highest of powers shows how tragic these two stories are, how devastating the murderous rampage of Deadpool and the zombie disease can actually be. And that’s awesome.

This and a couple other soft themes, like the constant existential thoughts from the heroes — zombies realizing they are zombies or Deadpool realizing he is a puppet — made me believe these two stories are somehow comparable, but really, they are not. One universe is  thought-provoking and challenging, while the other is a string of poorly planned assassinations. But oh well, in the end, everyone dies, that’s the point, no universe is safe from zombies or Deadpool, no storyline is safe. The end.

Deadpool Kills 3

Oh, and coming up soon: The stories collide!… kind of. Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth – Head Trip. That’s right, I’m going to pick up the Merc With Two Mouths story. Deadpool heads to the Savage Land to retrieve a deadly bioweapon… his zombie head! Should get interesting.

– Nahuel F.A.

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