La Casa de Las 3 Niñas

La Casa de Las 3 Niñas

La Casa de Las 3 Niñas– taken at Loma Bola, in San Javier, Argentina

La casa de las 3 niñas sits quietly near the base of Loma Bola, in San Javier, Argentina. Las 3 niñas have never been seen here, at least that is how the story goes, yet the three girls tend to and keep up the surroundings with a thorough green thumb that would leave the common housewife brimming with deadly jealousy. The blooming white and lilac chrysanthemums clearly untouched, the buzzing bumblebees undisturbed, and the passerby undeserving of such a heavenly sight. Las 3 niñas cultivating, feeding, watching… looming.

– Nahuel F.A.

Published by Nahuel F.A.

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