Victory Shot

Victory Shot

Victory Shot

– taken at La Cañadita, in Yerba Buena, Argentina

Another year down, another year to go. Reason to celebrate. The night turning into 2013, in Tucumán, Argentina, and the reasons to celebrate life at the time were countless. Not to mention the beautiful warm night which allowed for a great show of fireworks that would make anyone pause and gaze at the skies, ignoring the drinks and the food. Might be looking ahead to the New Year too soon, but it’s hard not to when my last couple have been so vastly different. 2013 I spent with family, in warmth and kisses, 2014 was spent alone, starting a cross country trip, departing from a warm home in Los Angeles towards an unknown year, and 2015 is just a few months ahead, but with a lot more uncertainty. Let’s see what happens.

New Year's Up

– Nahuel F.A.

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