NaNoWriMo: My Short Story “Three Years” Part II

National Novel Writing Month starts this weekend. Here’s a taste of what I will be writing. Here is Part II from the first story I ever wrote, from Senior year in high school, which will be the basis for the novel. It’s a very personal story, and really not that great since it was myContinue reading “NaNoWriMo: My Short Story “Three Years” Part II”

NaNoWriMo: My Short Story “Three Years” Part I

National Novel Writing Month starts this weekend. Here’s a taste of what I will be writing. This coming month I’ll be participating in the National Novel Writing Month. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a project which pushes you to sit down and write a novel, from start to finish, during the month of November. Keeping on schedule,Continue reading “NaNoWriMo: My Short Story “Three Years” Part I”

The Hand of Maradona

Maradona was an idol, now he is a monster. Growing up there were few people I idolized: Paul McCartney, Michelangelo — the Ninja Turtle, not the artist — and none other than the greatest football player in history, the national hero, El Diez, Diego Armando Maradona. Like Paul was a musical god to me, DiegoContinue reading “The Hand of Maradona”

Random Blog Post #4 – Frequently Visited Websites

What five websites do you visit often, and why? You check your email, put on a great album, then open up your web browser. You check your Facebook feed, type “happy bday” to some forgotten friends, see what is happening on Twitter, and after all the notifications are gone, you have the world at your fingertips… where do youContinue reading “Random Blog Post #4 – Frequently Visited Websites”

Ibrahimovic Loves Ronaldo

Why admiring the best is a good thing and why falling in love with the greats puts you in the right path to become a great. I think this so interesting; the looking up to a hero, admiring the best in the world, having someone to set the bar for you throughout your career. All these can either hinderContinue reading “Ibrahimovic Loves Ronaldo”

10 Free comiXology Comics: Check Them Out!

Just here to show you that you can find some great comics outside of the Marvel and DC world (and yes, maybe some crappy ones as well). These quick reviews will give you an idea of what comics are out there, non-Marvel and non-DC, and which are even going for FREE right now over at comiXology.Continue reading “10 Free comiXology Comics: Check Them Out!”