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A quiet boy thrown into an adventure to find out the secrets of leveL… hmm, not sure if I’m talking about Cael or myself…

L_DayPoster_001Because of the many projects I work on daily, I have to keep a strict schedule to get anything done at all, it’s just how I prefer to work. During my self-appointed homework time, 1:30-3:00pm, I take some minutes to StumbleUpon, to see if I come across anything interesting. Well, I came across something interesting: leveL, a web comic by Nate Swinehart.

This little sci-fi adventure web comic grabbed my attention from first sight: the weather worn wall with the word leveL printed on it, the L beaming with light; the bright blue sky, fluffy clouds, and the words “a city unlike any other” piquing my interest; the black sphere of air and the open square picked out of the sky, where our main adventurer peaks his wandering eyes out into the sprawl. As the creator puts it, leveL is “full of fun characters, exciting action, and mysterious happenings,” which I can attest to, it’s a valid description, but it’s the other side of leveL that gets my attention, “however, there might be something deeper at work here, waiting to crack through the surface, so tread lightly, dear reader.”

L_TiersPoster_001The megacity of Level is separated by its different tiers, or class systems of citizens, which all have a purpose in their world. Like any other dystopian story, once a class is fed up with where they are stuck, chaos ensues, but like I mentioned, leveL brings more than your typical story, and it goes deeper than just the up-rise of some of its tiern (or citizens). Follow the adventure through Cael Dalton, a quiet teenage boy living in Level, haunted by a confusing dream, and caught amongst the adventure to find the truth about the megacity and it’s top tiers.

Now, I consider myself a fan of design and art, not just story, which is another reason this web comic stood out to me. The characters are driven, the adventure entertaining, and the story itself solid, but the experience Nate Swinehart creates while reading the web comic sets leveL apart from any other web comic. As the mood or setting changes in the comic, so does the webpage itself, creating a world around the world, which emerges you deeper into the story. So it’s not just the characters or just the story that made me want to write about leveL, it’s the way Nate Swinehart ties all these together to create an experience… an experience I will keep looking forward to and reading till the end.

You can find the web comic leveL, by Nate Swinehart, HERE. It is updated bi-weekly, so every other Thursday you can get the next part of the story. Check it out, enjoy it, and get sucked into the experience like I did.


Do you have any web comics you love to follow? Tell me about ’em in the comments!

– Nahuel F.A.

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