The Camp(o)s

The Camp(o)s

The Camp(o)s– taken at Nueva Esperanza, in Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

Nueva Esperanza, translation: A New Hope. Clearing dirty fields to sow, selling off portions of land, and handing down rancher secrets from father to son  – a new hope was certainly the feel in the air today. Bestowed family secrets is a privilege I missed with my father, but witnessing it between my grandpa and uncle today was quite special. The fields will soon again flourish with wheat, half the land will now be in the hands of a worthy neighbor, and once that fated day comes to such a hardworking man, a new hope is placed onto the next gaucho… let’s keep our heads high and our hopes higher, people.

Here are a couple other friends I made today:

That Red Cock Three Little Piggies I've Been Spotted

– Nahuel F.A.

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