As the Snow Falls Over Stowe, VT

When you spend a day in the snow, you make an album.

As I sit enjoying the first weekend of the 2018 Winter Olympics—the swishing skiers and snowboarders, falling snow, and swaying reminder that winter is still here—I felt compelled to share my favorite shots from the last time I spent time in a like-setting. Enjoy.

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Women’s March, NYC, 2018

When the patriarchy needs to be brought down many pegs, you make an album.

Here it is. For the women who need to be heard and need to be given the change they deserve in a system that is keeping them down. If I don’t have the power to make change directly, then I have the power to show what changes need to happen, to shove images of true power and movements so that the few in real power decide to make this world an equal place for all.

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Christmas in the Country

A Three Part Story, Accompanied by Three Photos

They put in the effort, but it does sometime seem strained, like they forgot they were supposed to be trying, so, of course, I don’t feel at home out here. It’s like our dinners in the country are something of a different world compared to those in the city. I do feel like I standout when I’m here. Like a familiar guest.

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Why Focus on Photography

A Side Quest in Storytelling


Photo credit: Eimy Figueroa at

I recently realized why my love for photography has exponentially grown in the past years, and why I’ve focused to sharpen the skill. As a storyteller, I truly appreciate what one can see in a single photograph, the little nuances that help tell a novel through a single frame, and of course, even more with what one can tell through albums, collections, or sets of photographs.

With this pursuit, I can take advantage of using visuals in stories, creating them piece-by-piece through the images, and at times, include words for a complete expression. I know this sounds elementary, but when you find a new outlet, and you create something you believe to be interesting, it helps reenergize the creative mind. I’ve written stories and editorials for years, I studied film and still work towards a screenwriting future, but photography, focusing on this new skill has given me vigor.

Through almost-three-years of photographing, I’ve studied the masters, experimented with different formats, thoroughly enjoyed the process of constantly failing with film photography. But more importantly, in the end, I didn’t have to try to love every minute of what I have been doing, because the process has been a joy from the start. I’ve roamed the streets of New York City looking for the right light, and in the journey, found new favorite spots in my city. I’ve brought to life images that I am incredibly attached to, images that I spent hundreds of dollars to print and frame, images that I hope will last forever. And because I started to appreciate photography in a new way so long ago, half-way through the journey, I even took a job which luckily includes photography as a daily task—the added perk of doing something creative and being paid for it.

THE (year-to-year) GRIND

Late into 2014 I began shooting on a 35mm film camera and taking photography to this new level. Before, I was like the masses, snapping photos at personal events, trips, etc., but I was just lucky to boast a good eye for composition. But just the eye was never enough, it took learning how a camera works, how to create with different lenses, and how to manipulate within my surroundings—all skills that were made mandatory when working with film photography—to fully appreciate what it took to make an image come to life. My study focused on the trifecta: the shutter speed, the aperture, and the ISO, and once those three are understood, you move on to the next level of learning. I began roaming New York City and taking my time with each shot, slowly but surely enhancing my ability.

It should go without saying that in my first six months of shooting with a 35mm film camera I went through many rolls of film and a lot of dollars. The result being an uncountable amount of terribly overexposed or unnaturally underexposed photographs. The art was hard, but as my new favorite saying goes: “hard things are hard.” Just when it started defeating me, I began to see three or five shots that I was proud of in each developed roll. I began to see glimpses of photography is my shooting around NYC, and these slivers of light kept the spark alive.

In the Summer of 2015 I even had the luck of using photography to help my career growth. My position as Communications Manager is not unlike previous work I’ve done in marketing, but it was my capability with a camera—which I worked on for months leading up to this point—the factor that I believe put me above others. No, I was no professional, but proficiency, willingness to grow in a field, and continuing to educate myself helped me move into this new job. My drive towards life-long learning got me here, and gave me this opportunity that led to the next.

My first time sharing was in R Culture, in a piece called “Monsters in New York City.” The piece was featured in the first issue of the quarterly magazine. The art and culture magazine was produced by Anthony Gaskins of PCP Media and myself, and it aimed to open the possibilities for artists, writers, and other creative people to feature their work, all while supporting students in their own journey in taking part in their culture, art, and social movements. I was lucky to have contributed for, designed, and edited the magazine along with Anthony, and I was blessed to have a space to share what I’ve been working on, the art I’ve grown to love. Sharing is caring, so I shared what I cared about. Read More

NY Comic Con Photo Set

When you hang with your people, you make an album.

One month after another successful year at NY Comic Con and I still can’t seem to come down from the joy and excitement. These are my people. Enjoy.

See more photos on my Priime collection

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Writers’ Salon, No. 13

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Prompt • One Man’s Trash
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Write a short piece inspired by the prompt (about 600 words). Anything and everything is welcome—poems! fiction! non-fiction! lists! soliloquies!

Do what you feel, post it unedited.

Part I — Leading Up Tuesdays

Tuesday mornings the putrid black bags line the slim Brooklyn sidewalks, stuffing walkers to a single file row to pedestrianize on, creating a weekly-practiced ballet of shuffling feet as the occasional passer-by intrudes on the oncoming commuter’s space. Every Tuesday, every week, the city turns the mornings into an unbearable medieval town of refuge, kicking-off the day with a burn of the nostrils that grows into the awful hatred of neighbors. Every Tuesday, every week, the morning overflows with the unwanted.

As the elements circle back towards the forewarning early November chills, Robbie knows his time is shorter by the Tuesday. Soon, mid-December will freeze his bones, uncaring of the layers his weekly scavenging has produced, unapologetic to the weathered, sun-browned, Costa Rican skin that will ash, crack, and ache. The whiskers on his upper-lip build into a bristly broom’s head, creating a cheap, aluminum armor that only slightly keeps the cold and the stink from reaching his brain. But like the endless rotating winters, Robbie has performed this decoration ritual for over three decades, and he knows that if plans are met in time, he will regain his corner kingdom to brave the shivers and the sniffles like the proud conquerors he imagines his ancestors to be—like the proud conqueror he imagines himself to be. Read More

The Magical Places

Pray for Those

At different stages in our lives magical places appear that we need more than ever before. Your mother’s lap as a small child, your first bedroom filled with imagination, a friend’s basement during troubling teen years, a corner of your college campus to hide away, a new city as you get close to being an adult, or a getaway place once adult life becomes something you need rest from. Through life’s years, the magical places shift and mold into something new and fresh, into whatever makes you feel safe, into whatever gives your mind, body, and soul what it needs most.

Puerto Rico has been my place the last few years. It has been my getaway, it has been my writer’s retreat, it has been the safe space I love next to someone I love.

Like many other places—of which are other people’s magical place—Puerto Rico was thrashed by this terrible storm. The storm wrecked many islands, many homes, and is aiming for more. The storm, followed by a second, is hurting land and people that I care about. An earthquake shook a city that holds people I worry about. Tropical Storm Harvey battered the Texan lands and the people are still struggling to clean up. I don’t have the means to help these magical places with money or supplies, but I have my heart and my prayers that go out to them.

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Writers’ Salon, No. 12

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Prompt • Eclipse
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Write a short piece inspired by the prompt (about 600 words). Anything and everything is welcome—poems! fiction! non-fiction! lists! soliloquies!

Do what you feel, post it unedited.

To her, New York City still didn’t feel like home.

She had moved into a cramped apartment in Brooklyn only two months ago, taking up the spare in a three-bedroom, four-story, walk-up that was occupied now by five humans and had  only just been emptied the day before she would settled her mattress and suitcases in the space. Her knowledge of the subway system was limited to the L train and the NQR line—the only trains she had taken up to this point—the only trains that shuttled her to-and-from her two part-time jobs and her bare room. The moments she felt some semblance of joy came from the slight glances towards the tips of the skyscrapers, and she was reminded why. Read More

ICP Exposure, Light, and Composition

Never Not Learning

I recently took a course at the International Center of Photography (ICP) to more deeply explore exposure, light, and composition. This was my first time taking a class at ICP, and really my first classroom experience for photography in general. I would strongly endorse all learning opportunities—always will—and this is no exception. Even if photography is still somewhat of a hobby, learning best practices and new techniques was a remarkable experience.

“Your first ten thousand photographs are your worst.”
—Henri Cartier-Bresson

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My World Purple and Pink, Pt. 1

Exploring NY with LomoChrome Purple

Colors can soothe or excite, can be subtle or pop, can hide or define. On the other hand, the altering of colors can help you see a new world, even if you’ve already been staring right at it for years. Even when you think you know your surroundings, change a green to a purple and all of the sudden you’re in the unknown, in the surreal, starting an adventure.

The absence of colors can make you wish for more beauty and life, while the abundance of colors can make you want to shield your eyes and find refuge. While shooting my 35mm cameras in New York City I started searching for how I could change the city, how I could find an exciting way to tell a story through my images, how I could take a city that has been photographed over-and-over again and make it seem like a new place—like my place. I’m not a fan of excessively Photoshopping photos to alter the image, so when I saw Lomography’s LomoChrome Purple, I thought it might be an exciting ways to show how I see my world.

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Las Tetas de Cayey

Exploring Puerto Rico

Photo by Marisol Pesquera

It’s no surprise I’ve taken a liking to Puerto Rico. I mean, I have always been attracted to beaches, palm trees, and tropical weather. I had two-out-of-three while living out in Los Angeles, and again two-out-of-three while living back home in Argentina. But, in heavenly Puerto Rico, I have three-of-three, plus a boricua girlfriend by my side to explore The Island with.

Don’t get me wrong, New York is my city, and Brooklyn is my home, that won’t change anytime soon, but my seasonal get-aways to La Isla del Encanto have been my sanctuary. This trip to Puerto Rico in particular has been the most reflective and restorative. In just a few days I have been able to restore my mind to write more, learn more, explore more, live more, and just plain work harder. I always knew the bright sun and this type of setting were my energizers, but these past few days in Puerto Rico have further proved it.

“This trip to Puerto Rico in particular has been the most reflective and restorative. In just a few days I have been able to restore my mind to write more, learn more, explore more, live more, and just plain work harder.”

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NY Comic Con, Here I Come

Nerd Heaven: Year Two

With so much joy pulsating through my fingers I type the following sentence: my tickets are purchased, and again, I am going to NY Comic Con!

[insert three nerd-glasses emoji here]

Moving to the greatest city in the world has its perks. Not only do I get to live in the capital of the world, but I get to enjoy all this bustling city has to offer. I attended some amazing events at Madison Square Garden, I took part in the NY PRIDE March two years in a row, I have front row seats to the coolest fireworks on the 31st and the 4th, and so much more. But, most importantly for this post, I am going to one of the biggest comic conventions—or “pop culture conventions” as they call them now—for the second year in a row. If I’m lucky, I can keep these traditions alive for years to come, and who knows, even add new ones.

PRIDE and Comic Con go hand-in-hand in my book. They are proof of acceptance, a large community of individuals who don’t worry about race, creed, sexuality, etc., they care about the humans that are behind the shared interests or shared movements towards world-wide acceptance and love.

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Keep Being Proud

Acceptance is A Must

After my second year attending the New York PRIDE March, I consider where I might have last witnessed a more open and joyful environment. Proud.

Maybe it was watching legions at the 2017 Women’s March after our so-called “President” took office, maybe it was a nerd-filled theater antsy for the newest Marvel cinematic release to begin, or it could have been at last year’s New York Comic Con. But with all honesty, in my journeyed life, such unabashed celebration and joy is hard to find—unfortunately, the world is still filled with too much hate—so, I urge you all to make these festivals of life and acceptance more abundant and more approachable. Read More

Any NYC Night

A Collection

New York City, with utter ease, creates opportunities for special photographs. Here is a collection of just a few of those moments captured, which I hope expose but-a-glimpse of what makes this city so darn special.

See collection at

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Love and Light

with Alex Dvorak

For over two years I’ve had the privilege of watching Alex Dvorak work her ass off, make goals and surpass them, hit road bumps and keep pushing. Most importantly, I’ve had the benefit of watching Alex enjoy the struggle while making something of herself. She makes me proud, and she deserves to be recognized not only when she hits new milestones in her career, but also in her life.

Alex has kept this part of her life quite private, but she now began to open up as a cancer survivor, and share her experience to the world. She is giving her time to work with organizations and to spread love and light. Read More

Mi Amor, Boca Juniors

Remembering The Words For Love

While working on my newest story, I found myself having issues putting into words my love for the most beautiful sport in the world: el fútbol. I was mostly having issues expressing what football means to me—the feeling of being on the pitch, of having the ball at my feet, or of cheering on the greatest team in the world. As Boca Juniors’ anniversary approached, the words for love started to reappear, and I found accurate ways to describe how much the azul y oro truly means to me, and I remembered the faithful ways to convey to the world what this sport means, how it makes my heart pump. Read More

Panel-to-Panel, My Favorite Comics of 2016

From the Hundreds Read, Here Are Some Highlights

(in no particular order)
Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurMoon Girls and Devil Dinosaur
(Marvel Comics, Brandon Montclare)

A young, smart, girl of color who is single-handedly stealing the hearts of Marvel fans and edging her way into great-importance in the Marvel Universe. Add in some social commentary on the education system and an endearing Devil Dinosaur, and you have my attention (for good). Luella Lafayette (Moon Girl) being the newest addition to the Inhuman lot is the least of her buzz, she was quick to be ranked as the smartest being in this Earth-616. Move over Stark, Banner, and Cho, here comes Moon Girl to make some waves!

Miles MoralesSpider-Man: Miles Morales
(Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis)

Miles Morales. Period. I can’t find a more fresh, multi-dimensional, and growing character in the Marvel line-up right now. Sure, there has been buzz about the new multi-racial Spider-Man for some years now, but his reverence keeps growing. His role in the Civil War II event not only placed him in the middle of some confusing judgment, but it also showed a new side—one that could lead him to some trouble (which is so exciting).

Seven to EternitySeven to Eternity
(Image Comics, by Rick Remender)

Dedication and true love for ones work is unmistakeable. That’s what I see in Rick Remender’s Seven to Eternity. Read More

Sharing Priime Photography

Finding New & Exciting Ways to Share

priime-small-screenshotI still can’t claim any talents with my photography, but one thing I could say is that I know how to tell a story. Well, here is another way to tell my stories through my photos.

If you follow my Instagram, you can see my photos in series of three—where I try to convey an emotion, a setting, an event with three look-points. Now, through Priime, I have a way of sharing collections, which gives me a way of sharing a whole shoot or event in a bigger way.

And to add reasoning, since my recent purchase of a new FujiFilm X100T, I needed a way to share my digital photography—this way I keep my Insta solely focused on my 35mm film photography. I love the way Priime allows me to share my higher-quiality work in a beautiful, pleasing lay-out, that actually satisfies my overly critical design needs.

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One Camera’s Journey Around The World


tfc-n_fanji-pr-28LA based photographer Christine Bartolucci asked some questions to our iPhone obsessed generation: Do you remember film? Do you remember dropping your film at a lab and waiting for the images to be developed? Do you remember a time without instant gratification?

Yes, might seem like millennial, hipster speak, but it’s actually a lot more than that. It’s seeking a process. It’s seeking a split-second to stop and think about the art behind a shutter click, and it’s actually asking for photo-takers to wait for the right moment and capturing what you see through your lens. With these questions and this progression of realizations, Christine grabbed an Olympus 150 35mm film camera, and sent it away on vacation with a bunch of strangers to see what they could capture as they travel the world with this “new” technology in their hands, and with the hope of capturing their moments and memories in one shot, one moment. Read More

R Culture Magazine #3

R Culture: Mixtape Orange — Oh, Culture…

R Culture is a culture and art web-magazine, aimed to show-off the amazingly creative people we are lucky to meet. We also hope to provide a platform for students to take part in their culture, art, and social movements.

MIXTAPE ORANGE features the keys to life through a personal Egyptian trip by magazine President Anthony Gaskins, a conversation with future fashion icon Jeremy Quezada, some photographs from election night, and more.

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2017, Here We Come…

It’s Finally Here. Let’s Take It By Storm!

When She Realized Her Dream

She Made Her Own Future, Created Her New World

Alex in A New World

– Taken at Bethesda Fountain, in Central Park, NYC Read More

Big White Elephant in the Room

The election seen from the NYC streets.

Trump HQ (1)– Taken at Trump HQ, Midtown, NYC Read More

Water Cooler Thoughts…

… reflecting on your opinion.

Have you ever looked at a water cooler jug—the ones in offices and some homes—and just couldn’t tell where the water line stands? Just couldn’t tell how full the jug was from the faint, blue-ish coloring of the jug itself and the stillness of the water inside it?

You want to pour yourself some water, but the jug could be almost empty (and no one likes changing those things). It ultimately takes starting your pour, fearless, before you see the bubbles rise into the jug, and move things. Before those bubbles disrupt the water line, you have no idea where the line stands, you can’t see where the limit is… Read More

Use The Right Words…

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